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Has Hydrogen Taken off?

  • Richard Backhaus
In the Spotlight

In the context of alternative drive systems, any mention of hydrogen is generally assumed to be a reference to fuel cells. However, the fact that hydrogen can be used as a fuel in combustion engines is often forgotten. Following the introduction by the EU of new CO2 emissions targets for commercial vehicles, this concept could undergo a renaissance.

A 30 % reduction in CO2 emissions

In order to combat climate change, we have to take a new approach to all areas of our lives, including mobility. In the case of transport, the main problem is the carbon dioxide emissions which are responsible for the greenhouse effect. The EU has adopted increasingly stringent targets for cars over recent years in order to reduce emissions, but the commercial vehicle sector has remained largely unaffected by these measures. This situation has now changed and in early 2019 the EU set emission reduction targets for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of over 16 t. These require CO2emissions to be reduced by...

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