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How Much Powertrain Diversity Can We Afford?

  • Marc Ziegler
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The experts from industry and politics agree on one thing: We require a large number of different drive types if we are also to meet future emission targets. Yet this variety is also generating a sense of urgency and placing the sector under great development pressure, as future drives need to be designed with much more focus on delivering actual benefits. However, a "one for all" solution to solve all issues seems like a distant fantasy here.

The wide variety of future types of drives was already discussed last year at the MTZ conference entitled "The Powertrain of Tomorrow." One year later, we must therefore ask ourselves how much drivetrain diversity can even be achieved. In this vein, editor in charge Dr. Johannes Liebl and editor in chief Dr. Alexander Heintzel got together with Dr. Norbert Alt (FEV Europe GmbH), Thomas Pfund (Schaeffler), Wolfgang Maus (WM Engineering), Prof. Dr. Michael Bargende (University of Stuttgart), and Dr. Wolfgang Warnecke (Shell Global...

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