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The Gasoline Engine Spark Ignition Remains

  • Richard Backhaus
80 Years of MTZ

The gasoline engine laid the foundations for today's mass motorization. As early as 1885 the Patent-Motorwagen number 1 developed by Carl Benz had a combustion engine with an electric ignition system. The only thing that current gasoline engines have in common with the drive systems of the early cars is their basic principle. But what will the future bring? We take a look at the latest trends.

The development of the gasoline engine is moving in two different directions that are partially dependent on one another. On the one hand, the functions of the basic engine and its auxiliary units are designed to be increasingly variable. More and more of the controls and actuators of these systems are being electrified, which makes high adjustment speeds and high levels of precision possible. On the other hand, manufacturers are moving away from the trend for extreme downsizing and very small engine capacities which was characteristic of the most recent generation of engines. The reason for this...

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