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Electric Supercharging and Hybridization with 12 V

  • Stefan HoffmannEmail author
  • Simon Gellineck
  • John Martin
  • Simon Mead
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Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center and Integral Powertrain Technology (a Magna Powertrain joint-venture company) made a close collaboration to develop an advanced diesel passenger vehicle - combining a state-of-the-art four-cylinder 1.7-l diesel engine with a 12-V mild hybrid system called Supergen. It is a single device containing an electric hybrid machine and an electrically assisted supercharger in one compact housing. This new 12-V technology is offering a cost-effective way for significant CO2 reduction by downspeeding while reaching the same driving performance improvement at potentially lower overall system costs compared to a 48-V mild hybrid system with an electric supercharger.


The commitment for a major reduction in fleet average CO2 emissions of challenging 95 g CO2/km in 2021 are driving automakers to cover a wide range of new product developments both in the electrification/hybrid technologies as well as development of advanced gasoline and diesel...

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