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Hirschvogel | Patent for Yoke Piston

A noticeable trend having emerged in diesel-engined passenger vehicles is the increasing use of steel rather than aluminum pistons to further boost efficiency. Forging and machining specialist Hirschvogel produces components for two-piece pistons, where the upper part is exposed to the combustion chamber and the lower part accommodates the piston pin and connecting rod. Current two-piece piston designs have the disadvantage of a joint zone in the component area subject to high thermal stress. The central concept behind the idea now patented is to shift the joint such that it is located in a less stressed part of the finished piston. This improves the forgeability of the individual parts and paves the way for cost savings. Piston efficiency is also likely to increase. The redesign results in considerable changes in the characteristics of the two individual forged components. The piston crown and guide skirt now form a single part. The connecting...

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