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Gasoline Turbocharger with Variable Turbine Technology

  • Nisar Al-HasanEmail author
  • Ralf Böning
  • Daniel Kraus
  • Ivo Sandor

Highly efficient turbochargers with variable guide vanes are currently a challenge in gasoline engines due to the exhaust-gas temperatures. However, this is set to change because of the combination with the Miller-Atkinson cycle. For this usage case, Continental has developed the Vraax turbocharger with variable turbine technology.

Strengths and Limitations of Current Gasoline Turbochargers

Variable-geometry turbochargers (VTG turbochargers) utilise the complete exhaust-gas enthalpy in all operating points. Variable guide vanes have therefore already become standard in diesel engines. Turbochargers play a key role in further reducing the CO2 emissions of gasoline engines. However in the gasoline engines, wastegate turbochargers are typically used because the VTG mechanism represents a major challenge due to the much higher exhaust-gas temperatures.

The Miller-Atkinson cycle is now increasingly used in the gasoline engine in order to reduce the fuel consumption and thereby the CO2...

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