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Oval Canning for Substrates of Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems for Commercial Vehicles

  • Christian MuschikEmail author

The locating of high-volume substrates for exhaust aftertreatment systems in the muffler of commercial vehicles presents a particular challenge. In this case, catalytic converters or filters with oval cross-sections can positively impact installation space utilization and flow. In a collaboration with NGK and BASF, Eberspächer has developed a procedure for canning high- volume substrates with oval cross-sections.

Considerable Space Requirements

Diesel engine manufacturers in the commercial vehicle sector are working continuously on reducing pollutants. Significant pollutant reductions have already been achieved by measures inside the engine itself. Moreover, the current Euro VI and EPA 10 regulations call for exhaust-gas aftertreatment through the use of catalytic converters and particulate filters downstream of the engine. Modern emission control systems in commercial vehicles have, in particular, high-volume SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalytic converters installed. These...



The author would like to thank Dr. Adolf Schäfer-Sindlinger, NGK Europe GmbH, and Dr. Ansgar Wille, BASF Catalysts Germany GmbH, for the fruitful cooperation and support on this project.

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