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Crazy Change of Tack Is Germany Gambling Away Its Climate Targets with Its Mobility Transition Policy?

  • Alexander HeintzelEmail author
In the Spotlight

The discussion about mobility transition is unfortunately taking place at an emotional and dogmatic level, is often characterised by ignorance and focuses on the attribution "e-drive good, combustion engine bad". It is worth taking a closer look at the facts.

Unrealistic Climate Targets

The public debate on the combustion engine is all about its demise. And yet energy transition and mobility transition are not nearly so far advanced that universal e-mobility could be possible on reasonable environmental terms. The "In the Spotlight" article in MTZworldwide 10/2017 clearly demonstrated just how much German industry is still reliant on coal [1]. The increase in share of renewables in the German electricity mix to 37.8 % in the first six months of 2017 may be impressive at first sight. But energy from nuclear power and fossil fuels still accounts for over 60 % of power generation [2]. While acknowledging that the German government has over-fulfilled its renewable energy targets in...

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