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Oxymethylene Ethers as an Alternative for Passenger Car Diesel Engines

  • Gunnar RichterEmail author
  • Hans Zellbeck

CO2 neutral and synthetic fuels with C1 compounds are increasingly being focused on to solve the PM-NOx trade-off in the field of exhaust gas recirculation. Fundamental investigations with OME fuels at a passenger car diesel engine, done at the Faculty of Combustion Engines at the Technical University of Dresden, show that OME 3-6 is perfect for dissolving the PM-NOx trade-off at a diesel engine.

Fuel Alternatives Necessary

From September 2017, passenger car diesel engines will be certified with regard to exhaust emissions in accordance with the real driving emissions (RDE) regulations. The dynamic operation on the road within the RDE boundary conditions serves as the test criteria. The NO xemission is a particular challenge. Especially, since the EU will tigh-ten the pollution limits by 2020. First of all, the focus is on the improvement of nitric oxide emissions. The most effective internal engine method for reducing the nitrogen oxides is the exhaust gas recirculation, but it...

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