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When Will a Tonne of CO2 Become Uneconomical?

  • Angelina HofackerEmail author
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The German energy revolution seemingly centres on the restructuring of all power supplies. CO2 emissions from the power generation sector will have to be decimated to meet climate protection targets by 2050. All other sectors, including transport, are also affected. Rapid and intelligent action is now sought. Here, it is worth looking at how other countries are handling the issue.

Key Factor Power Generation

The agreement reached at the World Climate Conference in Paris, which came into effect on 4 November 2016, imposes a binding obligation on the international community – the average difference in temperature at ground level compared with the pre-industrial age must not exceed 2 °C and should, if possible, be limited to a maximum of 1.5 °C. In Germany, a self-imposed interim target calls for all greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by at least 55 % by 2030 compared with 1990 (baseline figure: 1248 million t of CO2). The intention is to reduce this figure by at least 80 % and, where...

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