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Super Clean Electrified Diesel

  • Giovanni AvolioEmail author
  • Gerd Rösel
  • Oliver Maiwald

The new laws to be expected regarding real driving emissions call for systemic solutions for diesel engines that include hybridisation and synthetic fuels. In this article Continental shows a holistic approach to compliance with future NOx and CO2 emissions legislation after Euro 6d.

New Architecture Necessary

Worldwide the diesel engine is recognised as a highly efficient internal combustion unit. This key property has enabled this engine to become popular not only in commercial vehicles, but also in passenger cars, and especially in light commercial vehicles, for which this type of drive has reached a market share of more than 50 % [1]. The automotive industry was only able to achieve the CO 2emissions target of 130 g/km (NEDC) for the fleet of new passenger cars in 2015 thanks to the high percentage of diesel engines. On the other hand, this popularity has declined in the wake of the "dieselgate scandal" and in the light of pending laws regarding real driving emissions (RDE). In...

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