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Blue Tron – Electrically Driven Disc Separator for Passenger Car Applications

  • Martin RölverEmail author
  • Mustafa Kuzgunoglu-Hennecke
  • Eike Stitterich
  • Achim Brömmel

Developers of modern combustion engines are confronted with ever greater challenges due to more and more demanding CO2 targets. In this article Hengst demonstrates the performance capability of electric disc separators regarding highly efficient oil separation and negative crankcase pressures in all engine operation points.

Known Applications for Electric Disc Separators

The disc separator's mode of action has been well-established in the industry for many years. After first making use of the high separation efficiencies in industrial applications due to the density differences of liquids to be separated in thin columns of a stacked rotor out of individual discs, this concept was soon used successfully for the separation of liquid drops from gaseous media [1]. Due to the flexibility of the energy supply, the electric drive had already established itself in the industry early on as an advantageous form of the rotary drive. Electric disc separators with air flow rates from 500 to 2500...



We would like to thank all the employees of Hengst SE & Co. KG for their assistance with this paper.

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  • Martin Rölver
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    Email author
  • Mustafa Kuzgunoglu-Hennecke
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  • Eike Stitterich
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  • Achim Brömmel
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