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Variable Turbine Geometry Additional Degree of Freedom for CO2 Reduction

  • Björn FranzkeEmail author
  • Adrian Schloßhauer
  • Dominik Lückmann
  • Matthias Thewes

In the light of a global trend for the tightening of the CO2 limits, the combination of the Miller process and exhaust gas turbocharging with variable turbine geometry represents a promising concept for efficiency improvements of modern gasoline engines. Using the example of a three- cylinder 1.5-l downsizing concept with 90 kW/l, FEV illustrates the differences between a variant with variable turbine geometry and a wastegate turbine with regards to achievable Miller ratio, fuel consumption and transient behaviour in this publication.

Eq. 1 Miller ratio =

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  • Björn Franzke
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    Email author
  • Adrian Schloßhauer
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  • Dominik Lückmann
    • 3
  • Matthias Thewes
    • 4
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