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New Wastegate Actuator for Improved Boost Pressure Control

  • Stefan RothgangEmail author
  • Hendrik Ferner
  • Martin Nowak
  • Michael Becker
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Exhaust gas turbocharging is one of the key technologies to improve efficiency of gasoline engines. Pierburg, a mechatronic systems supplier, has developed a new actuator design for optimised wastegate boost pressure control. The new actuator is mechanically coupled to the hot turbine housing and is directly mounted to the wastegate shaft. This results in a truly innovative and advantageous approach.

Downsizing and Boost Pressure Control

The term downsizing refers to the reduction of engine displacement in order to reduce CO2emissions. Consistently implementing this has been an ongoing trend in engine development for many years. Single or multiple-stage turbocharging systems are used in order to maintain the nominal power of current naturally aspirated engines [1]. Altered process controls for increasing efficiency at low engine loads, such as the Miller cycle, require higher boost pressure and even more precise boost pressure control. Future legislation requirements on real driving...

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  • Stefan Rothgang
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  • Hendrik Ferner
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  • Martin Nowak
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  • Michael Becker
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