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Engine Developer Passionate, but with no Future?

  • Angelina HofackerEmail author
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As the core component of the automobile, the combustion engine has always held a special fascination for young mechanical engineers. Moreover, for decades the prospects for graduates were very promising. But at a time when electromobility is steadily gaining momentum and the digital transformation is becoming inescapable, is it still wise for budding engineers to focus on engine development?

"Simplifying the conventional field is the only way to also free up the necessary resources for the electric powertrains of the future," claimed Prof. Rupert Stadler at the International Motor Symposium in Vienna, Austria, at the end of April 2017. Audi's CEO opened the international symposium with a speech that set out the brand's strategy in no uncertain terms. "We expect one in three Audis delivered to customers midway through the next decade to have a semi or even all-electric powertrain," he said. Only three weeks earlier, Audi had announced cooperation with Porsche as part of efforts to...

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