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  • Petra TutschEmail author

CORNET Research Project on Methane Oxidation Catalysts

In a German-Dutch CORNET (European Collective Research Networking) research project investigations were undertaken to minimise the emissions of gas engines. The German part of the project was carried out by the Exhaust Gas Emissions Centre at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The focus here was on experimental work and simulations on the catalytic oxidation of methane. With the help of synthesis, verification testing and the characterisation of catalytic converters (Pt-only, Pd-only, Pd-Pt, addition of promoters, optimised support materials) as well as by modelling the conversion behaviour, important new pathways for an optimised design of catalytic converters were created. The developed mechanism opens up opportunities for increasing activity and performance of the catalytic converters; the deactivating influence of water in the exhaust gas stream could be attributed to the formation of noxious surface species on Pd-based...

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