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New Methodical Approach for Assessing Injectors in Full Engine

  • Roland SteiningerEmail author
  • Johannes Ullrich
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A newly developed hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) concept combined with a highly flexible power stage control unit enables engineers of the Hyundai Motor Group from now on to investigate diesel common-rail injectors of each type, independently from actuator type – piezo or solenoid – and development stage, from A-sample up to series production, with lowest technical effort, but within shortest time to investigate in full engine. This innovation is focused on further enforcement of Hyundai quality standards.

Requirements to Modern Diesel Common-rail Injection Systems

Regardless of the current trends in powertrain development towards stronger electrification and even more powerful exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, the high-pressure fuel injection will play a vital role also in future. A major reason for this is the dynamic progress of emission legislation – regulated emission and CO 2– that offers new challenges to the powertrain development by continually stricter limits. Hereby are –...

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