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  • Petra TutschEmail author

Reduction of Emissions at Cold Start and Low Engine Load

This FVV study systematically investigated and assessed internal and external engine-related measures to raise the "light-off/out" temperature of diesel exhaust aftertreatment with regard to fuel consumption and thus CO 2emissions. The electric heating catalytic converter and the metering of fuel upstream of the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) are the most common engine external measures that had been investigated in this research project. The most widespread internal engine measure to increase the exhaust gas temperature is the late fuel injection. Its advantages and disadvantages with respect of temperature increase and post-oxidation of pollutants such as particles had also been discussed. As part of the project, strategies for the exhaust gas temperature management for passenger cars and commercial vehicles were to be developed which facilitate compliance with the Euro 6 exhaust gas emission standard on the basis of the...

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