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Alternative Fuels CO2-neutral into the Future

  • Richard BackhausEmail author
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Awareness of fuels has now intensified following the strenuous efforts made in recent years in the engine sector to cut consumption. Against the background of the ever-graver impacts of climate change and what is still a modest number of battery-electric vehicles, the industry is joining with politicians in a quest to find new means of CO2 reduction. One possible solution to this dilemma is to run combustion engines on alternative renewably sourced energy, which would be entirely carbon-neutral and which could revolutionise the fuel sector. Natural gas, as an interim step, could finally achieve its long-awaited breakthrough.

CO2 Targets still Far Off

Ever since the start of the new millennium, the task of containing CO 2emissions has become one of the key political and social objectives worldwide. One of the first milestones was the Kyoto Protocol, which saw signatories commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent between 2013 and 2020. Another target applied EU-wide is...

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