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De- and Reactivation Behaviour of Pt/Pd Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

  • Hendrik DubbeEmail author
  • Jochen Schütz
  • Olaf Deutschmann
  • Ulrich Nieken

Recent findings regarding the conversion behaviour of diesel oxidation catalysts reveal that the conversion of noxious substances can severely differ, depending on the oxidation state of the catalyst, which is strongly dependent on temperature. In an FVV cooperation project between the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering of the University of Stuttgart and the Institute of Chemical Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, detailed studies have been conducted on the oxidation of platinum- and palladium-based diesel oxidation catalysts. New insights into both particle morphology and the appropriate macrokinetic modelling of the diesel oxidation catalyst conversion behaviour have been gained and will be discussed briefly.

1 Motivation

The interest in global kinetic models of exhaust gas aftertreatment reactions is steadily increasing, in order to adequately estimate the conversion behaviour for online control purposes as well as to offline develop optimised operation...



The authors want to thank the Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen e. V. for the financial support of project No. 1141 "Platin-/Palladium-Katalysatoren: Einfluss der Zusammensetzung, der Alterung und der Edelmetalloxid-Bildung auf charakteristische Eigenschaften und reaktionskinetische Modellparameter" as well as the coordination team under the direction of Dr. Volker Schmeißer, Daimler AG. The provision of the catalysts through Dr. Martin Votsmeier, Umicore AG & Co. KG, is gratefully acknowledged.

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  • Hendrik Dubbe
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    Email author
  • Jochen Schütz
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  • Olaf Deutschmann
    • 3
  • Ulrich Nieken
    • 4
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