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Audi | Five-cylinder Engine with 294 kW

Audi has equipped its RS 3 Sportback model with the new five-cylinder engine (see also article in MTZworldwide 4/2017), which, by its own admission, is now the world's top-performing five-cylinder series. At 294 kW, it outperforms its predecessor by around 24 kW and is also 26 kg lighter thanks to its aluminium crankcase among other features. It can draw on torque peaking at 480 Nm from 1700 rpm and remaining consistent up to 5850 rpm. All of which accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.1 s. According to the manufacturer, in the NEDC cycle, the RS 3 Sportback consumes 8.3 l of fuel per 100 km, which corresponds to 189 g of CO 2/km. The model also comes complete with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and permanent all-wheel drive. The all-wheel management feature is incorporated into the vehicle dynamics system as standard, likewise the steering, transmission controller, engine management and switchable exhaust gas flaps. The...

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