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System Optimisation for the Calibration of ECU Functions

  • André SellEmail author
  • Tobias Gutmann
  • Frank Gutmann
  • Stefan Leiber

The Design of Experiments method is an important tool for modeling complex systems. The transfer of models into real-time engine control units is a major challenge. A new approach to system optimisation from SGE and BRP-Rotax permits the automated calibration of engine control unit functions by optimising all calibration parameters simultaneously.

The Challenge of Calibration

Modern development methods form the basis of projects with technical and economical success. Therefore Design of Experiments (DoE) is an important tool for modeling complex systems with the aim of increasing efficiency. However, so far this method has not provided any generally applicable answers to the question of transferring the models to real-time engine control unit (ECU) functions. These are often implemented with a variety of interdependent calibration parameters, which have to be adapted in an iterative process.

The aim of calibration is to create a reliable working system under all ambient conditions over...



The authors would like to thank the employees of BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG, in particular Dr. Thomas Hametner, Director Design Engineering, Dipl. Ing. Thomas Goigitzer, Thermodynamics and Calibration Aircraft Engines, Ing. Johannes Kliemstein, Calibration Aircraft Engines, and Dipl.-Ing. Christian Sulek, Testbed and Calibration Methodology at BRP, for their support as well as Paul Schmaus, M. Eng., Calibration, SGE Ingenieur GmbH.

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  • Stefan Leiber
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