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FVV Reports

  • Petra TutschEmail author

Methods to Enhance Low Temperature DeNOx Performance

The scope of the FVV study was to assess a broad variety of current state-of-the-art technology solutions for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions of internal combustion engines by means of a comprehensive literature and patent review. The focus here was on increasing the conversion rates of aftertreatment systems effected at low exhaust gas temperatures. The potential NO xreduction measures had been divided into four different categories, i.e. "periphery", "catalysis", "preparation of reducing agent" and "engine internal measures". For each single solution, a detailed technology briefing including pros and cons was prepared to specify its purpose, its mode of operation and its integration into the IC engine system. The assessment of the emission reduction technologies together with their supporting measures was carried out with the help of systematically identified requirements on the engine system and respective boundary conditions....

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