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Oil Emission Measurements with a Gasoline Engine Influence of Design Measures on the Oil Ring Groove

  • Ioannis PapadopoulosEmail author
  • Simon Becker
  • Holger Ehnis
  • Reiner Künzel

Tougher emission standards that will more strictly limit particle number and CO2 emissions mean that oil consumption will play a greater role in engine development. This particularly involves oil consumption that passes through the piston group into the combustion chamber, and thus into the exhaust gas. This can be measured as so-called oil emissions using a mass spectrometer. For this reason, Mahle has performed numerous parameter studies on both diesel and gasoline engines in order to quantify the influence of piston group design measures on oil emissions. The oil emissions are determined for the entire engine map and in transient engine operation.

Oil Emission Measurements with a Combustion Engine

Engine oil consumption can be divided into a portion of consumption that occurs during steady-state engine operation and a portion that occurs during transient engine operation. The classic drain-and-weight method can capture only one, integral value, not a detailed progression of oil...

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  • Simon Becker
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  • Holger Ehnis
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  • Reiner Künzel
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