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Understanding High-pressure Injection Primary Breakup by Using Large Eddy Simulation and X-ray Spray Imaging

  • Junmei ShiEmail author
  • Pablo Lopez Aguado
  • Noureddine Guerrassi
  • Gavin Dober

What fluid dynamic instabilities in the nozzle flow trigger ligament and droplet formation during the primary breakup of a diesel jet? How does the nozzle geometry influence the involved processes? Delphi has applied recent measurement and simulation techniques to investigate this problem and developed detailed understanding.

The Problem of Diesel Injection Primary Breakup

For over half a century, the fuel injection engineering community has been pursuing knowledge-based nozzle design optimisation for high-pressure diesel injection. One blocking point is the lack of understanding on the primary breakup process, which involves highly complex multi-phase and multi-scale fluid dynamics phenomena. Detailed knowledge is still missing on how the fluid dynamic instabilities in the nozzle flow trigger ligament and droplet formation and how the nozzle geometry influences those processes and consequently the spray structure. Experimental investigation of these phenomena in real applications is...



The authors would like to thank Prof. Ming-Chia Lai at Wayne State University for the valuable collaboration in the X-ray investigation with the kind assistance of Advanced Photon Source beamline scientists Dr. Jin Wang and Dr. Kamel Fezaa at Argonne National Lab, and for the kind permission of using the spray images. The valuable simulation methodology support of Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bauer at Ansys Germany is highly appreciated by the authors. The FNR funding to the PhD project of Pablo Aguado Lopez (number 588638) and the Ansys research license grant to this work are gratefully acknowledged. The image preparation assistance of Eduardo Gomez Santos and other valuable support of Delphi colleagues are also highly appreciated.

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  • Junmei Shi
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  • Pablo Lopez Aguado
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  • Noureddine Guerrassi
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  • Gavin Dober
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