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Determination of Emissions of Heavy-duty Hybrid Vehicles by Means of the Powertrain Method

  • Kristine DalenEmail author
  • Peter van Gompel
  • Erik van den Tillaart
  • Dieter Lerche

In the current EU emission legislation for heavy-duty vehicles, hybridisation is not yet fully covered to reflect their intended benefit. The global technical regulation, relevant for the type-approval procedure for heavy-duty engine exhaust emissions, is defined in the Global Technical Regulation GTR-4. This elaboration from TNO assesses the measurement procedures, including the applicable test cycle, test protocol and data processing formulas for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles.

Consideration of Hybrid Systems

Globally the legislating institutes are moving forward with tightening the emission regulations for on-road heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). In the past years, the Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE) has adopted the amendment of Annexes 9 and 10 to the Global Technical Regulation GTR-4, so that it now includes protocols for engines installed in heavy-duty hybrid vehicles (HVs). In this work, feasibility of the emission test procedure using the powertrain method as defined in...

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  • Kristine Dalen
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  • Peter van Gompel
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  • Erik van den Tillaart
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  • Dieter Lerche
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