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  • Petra TutschEmail author

3-D-CFD Simulation of the Lubrication Flow in a Radial Journal Bearing under Unsteady Load

A preceding research project on the lubrication flow of journal bearings had shown that a three-dimensional simulation of the lubrication film flow may improve the cavitation prediction for radial journal bearings by 50 %. The aim of the follow-up project was to extend the newly developed substructure model to the requirements of radial journal bearings under unsteady load and to predict cavitation caused by shaft displacement. The extended substructure model is based on a three-dimensional two-phase numerical model computing the Navier-Stokes as well as the Rayleigh equations. It was carefully validated: The computed three-dimensional flow field was compared with the data of a flow experiment; unsteady cavitation phenomena were compared with literature data and, for the first time, validated against a filmed vapour cavitation process of a radial journal bearing-like flow. Improvements on the...

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