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Potential of a Chemical Heat Storage as a Heat for a Catalytic Converter

  • Michael AlbrechtEmail author
  • Kevin Friese
  • Holger Rammelberg

Measures that heat up exhaust aftertreatment systems fast lead in general to lower fuel economy. A chemical heat storage (CHS) represents a new concept to exceed light-off temperatures fast. As a part of an FVV research project, potential storage materials were researched and analysed at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Their potential was then examined at the TU Braunschweig and prototype tests were carried out.

1 Motivation

In order efficiently reduce the polluting emissions of engines by exhaust aftertreatment systems, the temperatures of the catalytic converters should be above their light-off temperatures. Methods in the thermal management, which are used to heat up the catalytic converters or keep them above their light-off temperature result in an increased fuel consumption. By the use of a chemical heat storage (CHS), which is integrated into the exhaust pipe upstream of the exhaust aftertreatment system, this extra consumption might be reduced.

The CHS is a heat exchanger, which...



The research findings were created within the scope of the research project Chemical Heat Storage for Catalyst Heating Measures (project number: 1148), which was funded by the Research Association for Combustion Engines e. V. (FVV, Frankfurt). The project was conducted by a committee under the direction of Dr. Jens Kitte from IAV GmbH. The authors thanks this committee for the support and Karsten Neumann for his contribution to this article.

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  • Kevin Friese
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  • Holger Rammelberg
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