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Requirements for the Boosting System of Future Engine Concepts

  • Claus GlahnEmail author
  • Matthias Kluin
  • Ingo Hermann
  • Achim Königstein
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In combination with downsizing and downspeeding, boosting of gasoline engines provides a high potential for increasing efficiency. New approaches in the combustion process further increase this potential, but they also place increasing demands on the boosting system. The following analysis by Adam Opel AG shows measures for adapting the boosting system to the new requirements.

Trends for Future Combustion Systems

In order to meet the need for mobility in a cost-effective manner, the internal combustion engine will continue to be the dominant source of power in automotive engineering for a long time. In addition to increasing the overall system efficiency, for example through electrification, the reduction in the fuel consumption of the internal combustion engine is still an elementary part of ongoing developments for meeting the future requirements for CO2and exhaust emissions. Downsizing and downspeeding are key technologies that make the further development of highly efficient...

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  • Matthias Kluin
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  • Ingo Hermann
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  • Achim Königstein
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