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Large Engine Building Complexity Soars

  • Stefan SchlottEmail author
In the Spotlight

Large engine makers struggle amid ever-more stringent requirements and volatile markets. Drawing on the development engineering for high-volume production engines should ease some of the strain.

Many Questions Remain Unanswered

First one thing ... Then another ... The brief history of Tognum AG sheds light on the malaise with which the large engine industry has to come to terms. Increasingly stringent product requirements see developers facing an agenda of more and more items to tackle. At the same time, customer markets are reeling under the pressure. Money is tight. Optimising a range of factors may be the only way of dealing with circumstances like these, but it is a balancing act manufacturers have great difficulty achieving.

Even for large engine makers operating in an entirely heterogeneous industry, the current challenges are just as present in the individual market segments. The cylinder volume for large-sized engines installed in heavy-duty vehicles generally starts from...

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