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Toyota | New Generation of Engines

Japanese carmaker Toyota has also extensively overhauled its family of engines as part of the development of its modular vehicle platform "Toyota New Global Architecture" (TNGA). In the process, the company boosted the performance of the new engines by around 10 % and efficiency by 20 %. According to Toyota, practically all aspects of the new generation of engines have been revamped. For example, the volume of liquid transported by the oil pump or coolant thermostat will be controlled electronically in future. The company promises ultra-efficient combustion and low emissions, alongside a dynamic engine response. Exemplifying this, the new 2.5-l gasoline engine delivers one of the highest levels of thermal efficiency in the world – 40 % in gasoline-only cars and 41 % in hybrid models. The company has also developed additional versions for hybrid drives. Accordingly, the MG1 will also be used to drive the wheels in future generations of plug-in hybrids....

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