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The New 2.5-l Five-cylinder In-line TFSI Engine from Audi for the TT RS

  • Heiner MüllerEmail author
  • Stefan Dengler
  • Jörg Nutz
  • Marc Füssel

Audi has fundamentally redeveloped its proven 2.5-l five-cylinder in-line TFSI engine to create a second generation with improved performance and efficiency, which is also lighter and has lower emissions. The 294 kW (400 hp) rated gasoline engine enables the new Audi TT RS to deliver driving performances that are in the supercar league.

More Than Four Decades of Five-cylinder Tradition

The history of five-cylinder gasoline engines from Audi started in 1976. The Audi 100 5E launched in that year was powered by a 100-kW 2.1-l naturally aspirated engine. Over the rest of its life cycle, additional derivatives were developed, also combined with turbocharging. From the five-cylinder in-line turbo engine's 147 kW power output in the legendary 1980 Audi Quattro, the culmination at the end of the lifecycle was the 232-kW engine in the RS2 Avant. The run of five-cylinder engines came to a temporary end in 1997 in the S2 and S6 models, before being relaunched in turbocharged form in an Audi...

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