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Model-based Diagnosis of Diesel Engines

  • Rolf IsermannEmail author

The increasing complexity of internal combustion engines and the large requirements on the reliability in connection with minimal consumption and minimal emissions over the whole lifetime requires a detailed supervision and fault diagnosis, in addition to a highly performing automatic control system. At the TU Darmstadt, investigations were conducted on diesel engines in order to determine how extensions and improvements of the fault diagnosis can be obtained with model-based methods.

1 Motivation

The strong increase of sensors, actuators, variabilities of valve trains, air and exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, mechatronic components and extensive electronic control units (ECU) has led to a considerable degree of complexity of the powertrain. In addition to new control functions, these developments were paralleled by implementing supervision and diagnosis functions on-board during driving and off-board for service support. The on-board diagnosis (OBD) for internal combustion...



The article describes the results of research projects funded, among others, by the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV), Frankfurt, and GM Europe. The author thanks them and all former research associates for their support.

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