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Feature Function Development for RDE in Diesel Engines

  • Daniel RöttgerEmail author
  • Eduardo Pérez-Guzmàn
  • Christian Vigild
  • Frederik De Smet

The new emissions test in real-life conditions on the road (RDE) will require changes to be made to the functions, control systems and exhaust gas treatment systems of diesel engines. This article by Ford looks at the challenges and the possible solutions in the field of function development. Initially, the focus will be on controlling the air supply and the torque, as this functional group plays an important role in coordinating the conflicts between reducing raw emissions and improving the exhaust gas treatment function.

New Development Tasks

The phased roll-out of the Euro 6 legislation with the introduction of Euro 6c or Euro 6.2 in 2017 leads to additional requirements with regard to powertrain systems. Adapted testing and homologation procedures under real driving boundary conditions as opposed to fixed cycles under laboratory conditions result in a series of incremental development tasks for OEMs and suppliers.

Generally speaking, existing powertrain systems need to be evaluated...

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  • Daniel Röttger
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  • Eduardo Pérez-Guzmàn
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  • Christian Vigild
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  • Frederik De Smet
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