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1st International ATZ Conference Grid Integration of Electromobility

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More than 100 international experts at the 1st ATZ conference on Grid Integration of Electromobility in Berlin discussed the future of electromobility, regenerative electricity generation and intelligent grid control. ATZlive organised the conference in cooperation with BMW i and was supported by Lichtblick, EWE Netz and SMA.

Extent of Changes

"We are facing a tremendous upheaval in the automotive industry," Marcus Bollig, Head of Efficient Dynamics at BMW defined the first guardrail in his keynote: "The ranges will increase significantly in the coming years and battery capacity will grow significantly." The progressing digitalisation of vehicles through the development of highly automated driving plays a crucial role. Bollig outlined the future saying, "We are moving away from ownership of a vehicle towards mobility concepts," adding, "Electrification is necessary for this to happen." BMW prefers battery driven vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). BEVs driven by sustainable...

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