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BorgWarner is supplying its exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve for Hyundai's new Ioniq saloon and Kia's Niro crossover SUV. These vehicles, featuring gasoline engines and hybrid drives, are powered by a 1.6-l Kappa engine with direct fuel injection that is likely to be deployed in a number of additional hybrid models from the two manufacturers. BorgWarner claims that the EGR valve helps reduce the vehicles' emissions and improve fuel economy by 3 %. Precisely regulating exhaust gas recirculation over a range of engine speeds and loads reduces high temperatures in the combustion chamber, enabling various strategies to boost efficiency and lower fuel consumption. For example, cooled exhaust gas recirculation is said to regulate charge cycle losses and help the engine run more efficiently. Cooled EGR also improves combustion management for a leaner burn without engine knocking and helps avoid enriched fuel-air mixtures, thereby reducing consumption.

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