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The New BMW Six-cylinder Top Engine with Innovative Turbocharging Concept

  • Fritz SteinparzerEmail author
  • Peter Nefischer
  • Detlef Hiemesch
  • Erwin Rechberger
Development Development

Based on the six-cylinder diesel engine introduced in 2015 as part of the new modular engine platform, BMW has now developed a top-end variant. A range of measures were applied to the basic engine in order to harness the higher mechanical and thermal forces. A highlight of the new engine is its new innovative turbocharging system. The combustion process, fuel injection technology and exhaust aftertreatment were also consistently further developed.

Top Diesel Engines from BMW

Greater dynamics, lower fuel consumption and less emissions are the core elements of BMW's Efficient Dynamics strategy. This strategy offers customers powerful engines for great driving pleasure. These characteristics are especially important in the high-end engine segment.

Historical Review

BMW looks back on many years of experience with high-performance diesel engines. It introduced the globally first six-cylinder car diesel engine charged in two stages already in 2004. This engine concept was further developed...


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  • Fritz Steinparzer
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  • Peter Nefischer
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  • Detlef Hiemesch
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  • Erwin Rechberger
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