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Model-based Tool for the Efficient Calibration of Modern Diesel Powertrains

  • David Blanco-RodriguezEmail author
  • Giovanni Vagnoni
  • Sahin Aktas
  • Joschka Schaub
Development Development

The development targets for modern powertrains are becoming more challenging with the progressive tightening of the emission norms and the implementation of the new Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) and the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) rules in Europe. With the introduction of a detailed physical Mean Value Engine Model (MVEM) in the development process, FEV is able to build a virtual powertrain rig, reducing the requirements in terms of engine and vehicle testing.

Increasing Application Effort

Starting 2017, for RDE a conformity factor (CF) of 2.1 must not be exceeded with respect to NOxemissions (corresponding to a tailpipe value of 168 mg/km for M1/N1CI vehicles). In a second step, starting 2019, the CF will be reduced down to 1.5. The extra 0.5 over 1 is in order to consider possible inaccuracies of the portable emission measurement systems (PEMS). This margin will be reviewed on a yearly basis, but the OEMs should be ready to approve their vehicles...



The authors would like to express their special thanks to Dr. Carole Quérel for her contributions in the engine model calibration and simulation, and to Dr. Bastian Holderbaum and Lars Henning, who always were ready to give their valuable advice during the work preparation.


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  • Giovanni Vagnoni
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  • Sahin Aktas
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  • Joschka Schaub
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