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Active High-pressure Impactor Flexible Oil Separation for CV Diesel Engines

  • Stefan RuppelEmail author
  • Volker Kirschner
  • Johannes Weinmann
  • Alfred Elsäßer
Development Development

Oil separator systems clean the blow-by gases from the crankcase which are contaminated with oil mist. Increasingly strict exhaust emissions and CO2 standards as well as requirements regarding on-board diagnosis are continuously raising the bar for the effectivity of the oil separation process. In response to this, Mahle has developed a innovative oil separator system for commercial vehicle engines.

Requirements for Commercial Vehicle Oil Separation Systems

For a combustion engine, a so-called blow-by gas occurs due to leakage flows past the piston rings into the crankcase (CC) and due to the turbocharger bearings. In addition to gaseous components, it also contains liquid components that can consist of oil droplets and ligaments as well as products of combustion, fuel, and water. These liquid components should be removed as thoroughly as possible and brought back to the oil sump before the blow-by flow is fed into the air intake (closed crankcase ventilation, CCV) or to the...


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  • Stefan Ruppel
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  • Volker Kirschner
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  • Johannes Weinmann
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  • Alfred Elsäßer
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