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Influence of EAT Concepts on Efficiency and Economy of an Organic Rankine Cycle System

  • Oliver DingelEmail author
  • Thomas Arnold
  • Tobias Töpfer
  • Jörn Seebode
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Waste heat recuperation using the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) has been the focus of intensive studies in recent years on reducing fuel consumption in commercial vehicle engines. Before launching these systems on the market, they must be shown to offer the final customer attractive value for money. In this context, IAV has analysed and assessed various ORC system configurations in technical and economic terms.

Validated Simulation ModelS

In commercial vehicles, waste heat can be recuperated by a heat exchanger downstream from the exhaust gas aftertreatment (EAT) system and also, where available, in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system by a heat exchanger instead of the EGR cooler [1]. The EGR temperature is higher than the exhaust gas temperature after EAT so that this additional heat source has a positive effect on recuperable power.

Current exhaust gas aftertreatment strategies often entail reducing the EGR rates or eliminating EGR completely ("SCR only"), which also has...



The authors express their gratitude to Dr. Heiko Neukirchner, Senior-Vice President for Advanced Engineering, for his long-term support in developing the ORC system together with Dr. Ingo Friedrich and Daniel Lüderitz (all IAV GmbH) for their involvement in producing the paper.


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  • Oliver Dingel
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  • Thomas Arnold
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  • Tobias Töpfer
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  • Jörn Seebode
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