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New Piezo Injection System for Increased Efficiency of Diesel Engines

  • Wendelin KlüglEmail author
  • Christian Boll
  • Grit Krüger
  • Uwe Nigrin
Development Development

Continental expands the possibilities for influencing the diesel-engine combustion with the new injection system, called PCRs5. Multiple injections with greater accuracy and shorter intervals between injections help to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and combustion noise. The robustness of the system over its service life is ensured by a closed loop control of the injection in which the piezo actuator also acts as a sensor for monitoring the needle movement.

Increasing Demands on Diesel Injection

The highly efficient diesel engine can contribute significantly to achieving ambitious fleet targets with respect to CO2 emissions. Mixture formation and heat release evolution during combustion play a key role when it comes to making the diesel engine more efficient and at the same time reducing its emissions. Alongside hydrocarbon emissions (HC), nitrogen-oxide emissions (NOx) and particulate emissions, it is also the diesel acoustic comfort level that has an impact on its potential role...



The following people also contributed to this paper: Dr. Giovanni Avolio, Jean-Francois Chaumont, Patrick Crespin, Vincent Dian, Sascha Fedrow, Bernd Gugel, Dr. Oliver Kastner, Reiner Weingärtner, Rainer Schambeck, Andreas Thyen and many other project team members.


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  • Wendelin Klügl
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  • Christian Boll
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  • Grit Krüger
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  • Uwe Nigrin
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