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3-D Master for Digitalized Product and Production Development

  • Vasileios Kitsios
  • Richard Haslauer
Cover Story

For modern product and production development, CAD data with meta information about interfaces and reusable neutral formats must be made available. The 3-D Master introduced by Feynsinn can be the central medium in the process chain in which information can be stored and extracted. It makes it possible to provide all product- and production-relevant information on a component or assembly in a machine- readable 3-D data record. Application examples at the BMW Group show how the 3-D Master is used successfully.


The 3-D model and virtual reality applications based on it are becoming increasingly important in the Product Development Process (PDP). The digital data file is the key requirement for digital applications and the control of data. However, it is not until they use new development methods which firmly define the digital data file as the central medium in the PDP that companies are able to design leaner, more efficient processes and guarantee the seamless collaboration...

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  • Vasileios Kitsios
    • 1
  • Richard Haslauer
  1. 1.FeynsinnGarching near MunichGermany

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