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Chip-free Production of Internal Threads

  • Timo Mager

Producing internal threads in increasingly complex components is one of the typical requirements in the automotive industry. Most internal threads are still created in the traditional way - through tapping. But the alternative to tapping, which is thread forming, is slowly taking over one application after the other. The most important argument in favor of thread forming is that the process does not produce any chips. This has a direct impact on process reliability and tool life - and therefore costs per part. Tool manufacturers like Walter are reacting to this development by expanding their range of thread formers to cover more and more applications.

Chip-free Machining Process

As a machining method, thread forming offers advantages over tapping when it comes to process reliability and the quality of the final result. For example, there is no risk of miscutting the thread since the material is not actually being cut. The process uses cold forming instead, so the material's grain flow...

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