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Partial Cleaning and Surface Processing of Parts for E-mobility

  • Manfred Hermanns

The trend shift toward electric mobility and other developments in the automotive sector have an impact on part cleaning as well. To meet altered requirements, adapted cleaning solutions are needed. Ecoclean presents solutions for the predominantly dry, partial and automated cleaning and activation of surfaces.

Altered Requirements on Cleanliness and Cleaning

In the last decades, part cleaning in the automotive industry used to be mainly about removing particles from components associated either directly or indirectly with the combustion engine drivetrain. In this field, demands on technical cleanliness are effectively met with the aid of diverse wet-chemical, and mostly aqueous, cleaning processes. However, increasing drivetrain electrification and the growing use of driver assistance systems all the way to self-driving vehicles, as well as environmental aspects such as reductions in particulate emissions, not merely bring a change in parts and components but are also transforming...

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  • Manfred Hermanns
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