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No Smart Factories without a Digital Twin

  • Simon Scherrenbacher

The digital twin is the prerequisite for the realization of an intelligent factory. Schuler has been using this technology for many years to simulate processes such as in servo press lines. However, it also offers the option of virtual commissioning to test software in advance and to adapt it to the customer's requirements. This allows systems to be started up faster, commissioning times to be shortened and the planned quantities to be achieved earlier.

Machine Monitoring System

Schuler's answer to the Industry 4.0 is the Smart Press Shop. In the intelligent and fully networked press shop of the future, it will be possible to accurately predict potential downtime with the help of sophisticated sensors and actuators, along with the data they collect, and to prevent this downtime well in advance. This ensures customer productivity, increases the quality of the manufactured parts, and reduces energy requirements. As a result, the Smart Press Shop increases both process reliability and...

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