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Tailor Made for E-Drive Production

  • Mirco von Stein

The new eTeno from Schenck RoTec is a fully automatic two-station balancing system for flexible use in e-drive production lines in the automotive and supplier industries. With cycle times of less than a minute, it can balance and correct complete electric armatures. In various configurations it can be easily integrated into existing or planned manufacturing processes.

E-drive production lines in the automotive industry are gaining momentum. They are increasingly shedding their manufacturing characteristics and being transformed into highly efficient smart factories for electric and hybrid vehicle production. Digitization, automation, process integration and flexibility are key factors in this transformation. And at the latest when it comes to the assembly of alternative e-drives, the integration of balancing technology will play a key role in the new production structures. As e-mobility Production Line Manager Peter Böhm of Schenck RoTec notes: "The desire for an efficient as well as...

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