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Osram | Two Additional Lidar Variants

Osram has introduced a four-channel pulse laser with AEC-Q102 qualification and a single-channel variant, giving system developers an even greater variety of infrared components to choose from. One key safety feature is the range of the infrared light source. A powerful laser is needed to be able to look as far ahead as possible. The two new products have an output power of 125 W at 40 A per channel. Because of the low thermal resistance of 30 K/W of the single-channel version and 17 K/W of the four-channel device, heat is easily dissipated from the component even at high currents. The four-channel version features a chip with four emission areas that provide high optical power at 480 W. This variant has a much longer detection range and, at just 3.35 × 2.45 × 0.65 mm in size, is only slightly larger than the single-channel version (2.0 × 2.3 × 0.65 mm).

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