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Package Development for the Shared Mobility

  • Michael HogEmail author
  • Markus Volm
  • Christian Kürten

Future city traffic and disruptions from mega-trends in shared mobility and autonomous driving will necessitate compact and emission-free vehicle solutions which are dedicated to urban driving and parking conditions. What such a concept could look like one day is shown by a development that is being driven forward within the FEV Group.

A Vehicle for Car Sharing

All current car sharing service providers are using existing series vehicles with only minor modifications. As these vehicles are not specifically designed for shared mobility, they are unable to entirely fulfill the demands of neither the providers nor the customers, especially when considering the car sharing cost structure. Share2drive, an FH Aachen spin-off company and subsidiary of FEV (itself an automotive engineering and full-vehicle development service provider), has recognized the need for such a specialized future urban mobility vehicle. Therefore, Share2drive has initiated the development of a novel automobile,...

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