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Asean States Venture into Electric Mobility

  • Andreas Burkert
In the Spotlight

Southeast Asia is discovering electric mobility. One in every three potential car buyers could now imagine buying an electric car. For the Asean region, this is an opportunity to successfully compete with the western automotive industry. Some states are intensively building up their production capacities, investing in battery factories, and trying out their own developments. Others, however, are failing to achieve their aims. For that reason, German OEMs are hoping for lucrative business - if it were not for the Chinese and Japanese who almost entirely dominate the market there.

Southeast Asian Automotive Market

The King of Thailand likes to ride a bicycle, but he also loves fast cars. But there are other, above all economic, reasons why his country has been wooing the international automotive industry for decades, trying to get it to shift production and development to his Southeast Asian kingdom. The automotive industry will secure jobs for many years to come and will promote both...

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