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Effective Protection for Vineyard Machines

  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
  • Kabe Pulverlack Deutschland GmbH
  • Ero GmbH
Powder Coating

The components of vineyard machines that are used to automate the grape harvest require the best possible corrosion protection, as they are exposed to weather conditions, tartaric acid from the grapes, and chemicals. To ensure this, one manufacturer of these machines relies on a proven system consisting of a primer and a low temperature powder coating as a corrosion protection coating.

Ero GmbH is Germany's largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment for use in vineyards. The machines they produce, such as self-driving grape harvesters, are exposed to the tartaric acid from the grapes and to other chemicals. Another challenge is sea transportation, Georg Ehlen, production manager at Ero, explains: "Our machines are also used in the USA, Australia, and South Africa. Reliable corrosion protection is essential while they are on board ship."

Coating shop integrated into the new factory

In 2014, the management team at Ero began planning to centralize the company's production and to...

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  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
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  • Kabe Pulverlack Deutschland GmbH
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  • Ero GmbH
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  2. 2.Kabe Pulverlack Deutschland GmbHGraben-NeudorfGermany
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